Apex Bar Mercury Ad

I got the opportunity to do an ad for this great beer bar Apex. It was for the Pedalpalooza edition of the Portland Mercury and with Apex embracing beer and all things two wheeled they decided on a full page ad. I had a pretty good amount of creative input on this and not much time to do it. It was decided that I would start with two styles and than allow them to pick which one was more to their liking.

first round layout2nd round layout


So I worked out these two potential layouts






The desicion was made for the easier to read layout #1 instead of the photo collage layout #2.  After some quick rounds of feedback and changes, like adding pinball picture(dont forget the pinball!) it was 0 finalized and went to print.  I have to say I was initially worried if some of the detail of the pictures would be lost but, in the end it turned out great.  Just like the whole experience working with Apex!

Final Printed Ad

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