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Need For Speed: Nitro

Looking at those old car renders made me think of some other car renders I had done. A while ago at Applied Cinematics we got the chance to work with CincoDesign on the cover on of one of the biggest racing game franchises: Need For Speed. Helping CincoDesign with the key art for Need For Speed: Nitro was a great experience, especially for someone who is “into” cars like myself. I really do like seeing things I was able to help with on store shelves too. To note, I worked on the render, all typography and post work done by the wizards at CincoDesign. Maybe i should render some more cars…

NFS cover wii

Need for Speed: Nitro cover for Wii


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Some old car renders…

I have been reformatting my computer recently, and came across some old renders. Well, maybe not that old heh (2008-2009) but its aways fun to dig stuff up after a few years.

Snapshot of early '09

a few car renders circa early 2009

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