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Portlandia Iphone Skit

Recently while at Bent Image Lab I was able help on a project for the IFC show Portlandia.  It was a short piece that was really fun to work on.  Especially since i live in Portland and enjoy the show!

I used an existing model of an Iphone and did a physics simulation of the phone falling in slow motion.  Once i had a simulation we were happy with I light and rendered the scene for compositing.  I even got in the credits on the show(Ep. 4) as 3d animator hahah

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Gallery Updates

I made a few updates to the gallery!

Check em out HERE!


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Started at Bent Image Labs

Well I guess that I’ve been there for a little while now… about 7 months?!  It doesn’t really feel that long though.  I’ve met a lot of great people and been able to work on some great projects that I will be posting about as soon as I am able!  I can’t forget to mention being around some great folks in the stop-motion world! So cool!

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Here it is, WIP 1

This is new blog! Hopefully i will work out all the details soon…

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